Carrying cases for tablet, iPads and e-readers, iPhone covers, notebook and ultrabook bags and Second Skin sleeves, backpacks, trolleys, camera bags, mouse pads and a wide range of accessories for Mac and pc designed for the sole purpose of meeting all the demands of today's digital life on the go. In the finest tradition of Italian design, Tucano products all aim at achieving a happy balance between practicality, ergonomics, maximum protection and a look that is always cutting-edge.

With its steadily growing sales trend, Tucano is backed by a solid and far-reaching presence in the Italian market and aims at constantly asserting its brand in the European and in the foreign markets through strategic partnerships with the leading local distributors and through its subsidiaries Tucano USA in the United States, Tucano Dongguan in Asia, and the Madrid commercial offices for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Tucano’s success has been pursued with drive, determination, intuition and a good dose of creativity. The attitude towards research and innovation, the attention to the booming market for high-tech products to which Tucano has dedicated its internal production, and the team of Italian designers have all boosted sales over the years, along with the brand’s increasingly international reputation.